Jiangsu Yetian Cashmere Technology Co., Ltd. Started in 2013. It is a brand that inherits classics and faces the future. We take "native" as our design concept, pursue quality, pay attention to the beauty of function and practicality. We have been concentrating on the research of high-quality cashmere and making full use of the gifts of nature. After several years of development, Yetian Woolen Cloth has established a complete supply chain for raw material procurement. Starting from quality control, Yetian Woolen Cloth has formed a complete one-stop production system by matching spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing departments.

The company's main products are high-grade cashmere products. At present, the products mainly provide high-grade cashmere fabrics for famous brand clothing enterprises such as Lilang, Cabin, Oshili, Gloria, Lingzhi, ZARA, Winner, Yinjia, Bi Musfen, etc. We have established long-term and stable strategic partnership with many brand clothing companies at home and abroad, and have established a complete sales network all over the country. Our products are praised as the best cashmere products by customers.

Ye Tian Cashmere adheres to the enterprise spirit of "seeking truth and being practical, pioneering and innovating" and continues the development path of "green, innovative and branding". With pure natural raw materials and traditional manufacturing techniques, we will provide you with different needs with more perfect product categories, making cashmere products your unique taste symbol and enjoyment of a better life.


Brand Culture

Brand Differentiation Positioning: Ye Tian Cashmere
Consumption Proposition: Colorful Ye Tian Luxury and Beauty Legend
Brand Style: Intellectual Fashion Luxury Beauty
The Core Connotation of Brand: Ye Tian Cashmere and Implicit Luxury
Brand Spirit: Confidence, Calmness and Innovation
Brand Future: International Cashmere Fashion Brand

Insist on making different products
Insist on being a different brand
Become a leader in the industry with differentiated competitiveness,
A Pearl Honed by Fashion Culture in Yangtze River Delta

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